Brian Kendrick 5000+ hour Mooney Pilot 38 Year A&P Mechanic with Inspection Authorization Avionics Technician Systems and Safety Consultant
Brian Kendrick5000+ hour Mooney Pilot                      38 Year A&P Mechanic with Inspection Authorization Avionics TechnicianSystems and Safety Consultant 

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Experience That Supports: 2004-Present

Texas and Beyond! Mooney Aircraft Custom Service and Support

Mooney Factory Service Center Customer Service Manager

Mooney Factory Service Center Chief Inspector / Inspection Manager

Mooney Factory Service Center FAA Accountable Manager

Mooney Factory Test Pilot


Building Support Experience: 1985 - 2004

Andrews University, MI. AviaCraft Corporation, FL. Mod Works, Inc., FL.: Mechanic, Avionics Installer, Pilot, Inspector, Troubleshooter, Customer Service Consultant, Quality Assurance Manager